Where can I speak Esperanto?

Where do people speak Esperanto?

Herzberg am Harz
Esperanto-Stadt Herzberg am Harz

When you’re feeling confident enough with your Esperanto, you’ll find opportunities to speak, practise and use Esperanto all over the world. Just get in contact with the Esperanto association of your desired holiday destination. Esperanto speakers are like one big happy family and are always glad to meet like-minded people from other countries. Even without knowing the local language you’ll have a significantly more authentic cultural experience than the everyday tourist.

Connect with Esperanto speakers who offer lodging opportunities via the service Pasporta Servo. You have to register to use the service, but try entering a few countries in Esperanto – you’d be surprised where Esperanto can take you.

Otherwise, Esperanto friends from all over the world travel to meetings, hikes, cycling tours, languages courses and much more which take place year-round all over the world.

Bonan vojaĝon!bon voyage!

International Meetings 2016

Here is a selection* of Esperanto meetings all over the world:

16/09-18/09 near Villers le Lac, France

Esperanto Family Meeting: games, walks, communal cooking and chatting

16/09-19/09 Lier, Belgium Benelux-Esperanto-Congress with courses and lectures
23/09-25/09 Poznań, Poland Arkones: arts and culture festival for Esperantists
29/09-02/10 Isola Santa, Tuscany, Italy MontKabana Renkontiĝo: day of excursions for hikers and nature lovers
30/09-03/10 Schwerte, Germany KoKoLoRES: Esperanto weekend with small talk, games and beginner courses
01/10-03/10 Langscheid, Germany Esperanto Weekend Courses: for beginners and advanced learners
03/10-09/10 Islamabad, Pakistan International Youth meeting: with lectures, discussions, music and much more
07/10-09/10 Turnov, Czech Republic BIERo: excursions, games and much more
08/10-10/10 Silver Bay (NY), USA Esperanto Autumn Meeting: with music, lectures, kayaking trips and much more
08/10-10/10 Ōmi-Hachiman, Japan Japanese Esperanto Conference: with lectures and cultural program
13/10-16/10 Pelhřimov, Czech Republic Czech Esperanto Conference: with specialised seminars, discussions, excursions and much more
21/10-23/10 Homburg/Saar, Germany Cultural Weekend: with Esperanto courses for all levels and a cultural program
22/10-29/10 Kiev, Ukraine Kiev Esperanto Week: with excursions and diverse PR campaigns for Esperanto
29/10-01/11 Antequera (Malaga), Spain Andalusian Esperanto Conference: on nature, sky and earth with lectures, excursions and much more
03/11-06/11 Quanzhou, China Asian Esperanto Conference: Esperanto festival with excursions and cultural program
17/11-20/11 Modra-Harmónia, Slovakia KAEST: conference in Esperanto on science and technology with lectures, discussions, seminars, excursions and evening program
19/11-20/11 Stella Plage, France European Meeting: with excursions and cultural program
24/12-31/12 Serengeti (Bunda), Tanzania African Esperanto Conference: with lectures, seminars and evening program
27/12-03/01 Saarbrücken, Germany International New Year’s Meeting: with courses for all levels, conversation groups and New Year’s Eve program
28/12-04/01 Waldheim am Brahmsee, Germany International Esperanto Week: with excursions, evening program and much more

*from the multitude of Esperanto meetings on offer, this list includes only those that were known to us when the list was last updated (08/08/2016) and which have a useful website. The list is regularly updated and more events are likely to be added.

For some meetings, information is only available by email. This includes events in Iran, Turkey, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Croatia, Romania, Spain, Lithuania, Burundi, Pakistan and Vietnam. To establish contact check the list on the Esperanto website eventoj.hu. Click on “Internacia Kalendaro de Esperanto-aranĝoj” then go to “2016 kaj poste”.