Why Esperanto on Lingolia?

Why is Esperanto on Lingolia?

“If everyone had learnt Esperanto, imagine how easy everything would be now. ”

This sentence came to us one day in the office whilst we were translating our content into other languages. At first we laughed about the joking remark, but then we realized how practical Esperanto could be for Lingolia. If everyone could understand this language, which really is so easy to learn, we wouldn’t have to translate our content into so many languages, but had much more time to create new content.

Our first step was to get a feel for the language, so we booked a weekend Esperanto course. And the rest is history … After just two days we weren’t fluent, but to our surprise we could already understand short texts written in the present, past and future. That would be unimaginable in other languages.

We probably won’t be able to apply Esperanto as a universal language on Lingolia that quickly, but we think it’s a cool idea and we hope that, through our site, we can inspire many more people to learn this brilliant language.