Exercise 1 (-ist-/-ej-/-ant-)

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Jobs and Workplaces

Complete the table.

baki[bake] [baker] [baker] [bakery]
kuiri[cook] [cook] [cook] [kitchen]
vendi[sell] [salesman] [saleswoman] [shop]
frizi[style/do/cut hair] [hairdresser] [hairdresser] [hair salon/hairdresser’s (salon)]
kudri[sew] [tailor/dressmaker] [tailor/dressmaker] [tailor’s shop]

Write the name of the person who does the task. Use -ant-.

  1. iu, kiu kuras[someone who runs → a runner]
  2. iu, kiu esperas[someone who hopes]
  3. iu, kiu komencas lerni ion → [someone who begins to do something → a beginner]
  4. iu, kiu fumas[someone who smokes → a smoker]
  5. iu, kiu amas[someone who loves → a lover]
  6. iu, kiu vojaĝas[someone who travels → a traveller]
  7. iu, kiu aŭskultas[someone who listens → a good listener]
  8. iu, kiu surfas[someone who surfs → a surfer]
  9. iu, kiu ludas tenison[someone who plays tennis → a tennis player]
  10. iu, kiu parolas Esperanton[someone who speaks Esperanto → an Esperanto speaker]

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