Questions – Exercises

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Choose the right question word.

  1. vi estis? – En mia ĉambro.Where were you? – In my room.
  2. vi diris? – Nenion.What did you say'? – Nothing.
  3. vi devas ellitiĝi matene? – Je la sepa.When do you have to get up in the morning? At seven.
  4. vi iris tien? – Per buso.How did you get there? – By bus.
  5. estas la aŭtoro de tiu romano? – Charles Dickens.Who is the author of this book? – Charles Dickens.

Closed questions – change the words in brackets into yes/no questions.

  1. (li/paroli/la anglan)  Does he speak English?
  2. (vi/esti/soifa)  Are you thirsty?
  3. (ili/aŭdi/muziko)  Do they listen to music?
  4. (ŝi/havi/gitaro)  Does she have a guitar?
  5. (la aŭto/esti/rompita)  Is the car broken?

Ask about the underlined part of the sentence.

  1. La infanoj iras en la lernejon.
     The children are going to school. → Where are the children going?
  2. Karl skribis leteron.
     Karl was writing a letter. → Who was writing a letter?
  3. Ŝi alvokis lin, ĉar li mankas al ŝi.
     She called him because she missed him. → Why did she call him?
  4. Li povas diri ion pri tio al ni.
     He can tell us something about it. → What can he tell us about it?
  5. Mia jako estas tie.
     My jacket is over there. → Whose jacket is over there?